Shilpa Patel, Lead GP Pharmacist and co-founder of Ask Shilpa

 I am the lead GP Pharmacist (and now partner) at WellBN Integrated Healthcare, one of the most highly regarded NHS integrated practices in the UK. One of the biggest hurdles I faced when prescribing in general practice was piecing together the clinical information I required to make the best prescribing decisions, which to my suprise (and horror) I found was in multiple locations with nothing available to me pulling this information together all in one place. Consequently I found myself spending huge amounts of time ‘researching’ even the most basic prescribing decisions.

All information is available; some online, some in local CCG printed guidelines; some on patients records from hospitals following their own evidence. It is just ALL OVER the place. I slowly started to collect high quality information and recorded any studies, evidence, protocols and guidelines which I felt would be useful. I became the prescribing lead at the practice and wrote up practice specific protocols for most areas of prescribing. I also gave a few talks as an inspirational speaker at NHS England training events for new GP pharmacists. I spoke about my compilation of protocols and important information at these events and many trainees asked if I would share these with them.

I have now accumulated a huge folder of resources and it has taken me a while to transfer this onto this website. For anyone else going through this process, they should not have to waste time going through all the hard work to get to the right resources. I have done all the hard work and here it is ready for everyone to use.

What People Are Saying

I find ask Shilpa such a useful resource! It’s so practical and user friendly for using within General Practice.
I have found the sections on menopause and HRT especially invaluable. Where the BNF can feel overwhelming in this area, Ask Shilpa is clear and gives balanced advice on common problems faced – such as changes to make when patients experience side effects.


ST3 GP Trainee

As a starting prescriber, I was nervous on how to begin. The AskShilpa website, its content and the guidance I received from Shilpa herself, were really helpful to manage the early day jitters.



Ask Shilpa has been a key resource during my independent prescriber course as well as during my day to day clinical practice, particularly in my area of expertise -mental health.

It has been my “go to” for choosing antidepressants, the pros and cons of each drug to allow the patient and myself to come to a sound decision.

I have also referred to Ask Shilpa to help me interpret blood tests, drug monitoring and dose changes.

Ask shilpa is comprehensive, updated and easy to navigate especially when you are running a busy clinic. It is definitely going to be something I continue to refer to in my career.


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